Speciality Bores
& construction projects!


  • Large Manhole
    • Installation and Replacement
  • Pull/Blow Copper and Fiber Optic Cable
    • In New or Existing Ducts


  • Single or Multi Duct Package Installation
  • Trenching and Plowing
  • Backhoe and Excavator

Directional Boring

  • Service Bore 1”+
  • 25in Solid Rock Bores
  • 24in Water and Sewer Casing
  • Bluff & Creek Bores
  • Precision Bores

Aerial & Splicing

  • Pole Placement
  • Coax, Copper and Fiber Optic
  • Front and Rear Easement

On-Side Construction is a utility company specializing in communication construction jobs of all sizes and scope. If you are looking for a primary contractor and good reliable subcontractors in the surrounding areas of Missouri and the Tri-State area, we should be your first call.

Specialty Work & Technical Jobs are Our Forte!

Nixa Missouri
Based Utility Company

Located in Nixa, Missouri, we have the required equipment and manpower for a turn-key operation.

Our focus is Boring... including installation of fiber optic, copper, and coax television cables.

We also install electric, water, sewer, and gas utilities in Southwest Missouri and the Tri-State region.

What We Can Do for You

On-Side Construction has six directional boring machines. One is a Ditchwitch 3020 All-Terrain, which is only used for drilling solid rock. We currently use a Vermeer 60x90 for boring 1000' + long and reaming and up to a 28" hole. Due to the rocky/clay soil in southwest Missouri, a 23x30 Vermeer with air hammer adapter and other machines built for shorter, more confined road bores, but are still capable of boring 400+', are used.

We have several backhoes and mini excavators, as well as plows, trenchers, and rock saws capable of finishing any job. We also do aerial line work, fiber splicing, and interior low voltage wiring. We can do it all!

Underground- Typically referring to existing underground conduit packages and Manhole systems. We can power rod, hydroflush, dig up, repair and replace ducts or entire manholes of any size.

Excavation - The process of digging or trenching to place a utility such as gas, water, sewer, storm sewer, electric or communications. We are equipped to install a small service line up to a 42” storm drain.

Directional bore - Horizontal Directional Drilling is used to place utilities underground without disturbing the surface. We bore down bluffs, across driveways, yards, rivers, houses/buildings…. We can bore from 2’deep to 50’ deep and in excess of 1000+ feet long.

Aerial & Splicing - Aerial is placing copper, coax, electric and fiber optic above the ground on utility poles. A digger derrick (auger truck) is used to dig and set the poles.

Our splicing includes fiber optic, copper, electrical and coax cable.


we are ready to help You

Now that you know a little about us, please allow us to assist you in your next project. We are confident that our team working side by side with yours will lead to a completed project. We look forward to helping you out in any way that we can.

Extra Services

We do water, sewer, and gas casing bores of all sizes for business or personal needs. Don't hesitate to call.


Mission Statement

Quality, Appearance, Perfection!